1. How do the Skype sessions work? Do we meet live?

Skype video is used for all accent reduction coaching sessions. I meet you once a week for one hour. During your Skype sessions you learn specific techniques for speaking English more clearly. This includes the specialized vocabulary that you use in your job or area of research.

All sessions are recorded for you to listen to and review after the session.

2. What kind of people do you work with?

I work with professionals in the following fields; health care, IT, engineering, data science, aviation, finace, higher education and sales. My current clients live in North America, Europe, India & Singapore.

I also work with International Toastmasters who want to reduce their accents as they improve their public speaking skills.

3. Can I really reduce my accent and how long will it take?

Most people will never sound like a native born English speaker. However, you can make changes to your current speech that will allow others to understand you much more easily!

The techniques that you learn in your course will make communicating in American English more enjoyable for you and for your listeners.

99% of my clients begin to hear English differently after their first coaching session. This is critical because listening is a KEY skill that you need to develop in order to change your accent.

In order to make significant changes with your accent, you must practice consistently after each session. I will provide you with plenty of customized practice exercises that you can use to do this.

4. How often do I need to practice?

Short daily practice is ideal for busy people. I supply you with four short, focused practice assignments after each session.

Short daily practice sessions will help your mouth, tongue and mind develop the new ‘muscle memory’ you need to articulate American English sounds and patterns correctly.

This will be uncomfortable for you at first, however…

The more you practice using the assignments I give you, the more you’ll improve. You simply must practice a sound or pattern over and over for it to become a habit.

My clients practice their audio homework assignments while

  • driving to work
  • exercizing
  • cleaning the house
  • shaving (yes)
  • putting on their make-up
  • talking with their kids
  • on their lunch break
  • for 10 minutes before bed
  • for 10 minutes first thing in the morning

You will not achieve the results you want if you wait until the day before your session to practice.

5. What happens when my coaching sessions are over?

At the end of the course you will be evaluated on what you learned in your sessions. We’ll discuss the progress you have made and the steps you must take to continue to improve your American accent.

6. How much does accent reduction coaching cost?

Accent reduction coaching is definitely more expensive than accent reduction classes.

I taught accent reduction classes before I started personal coaching, so I know from experience that the level of improvement you experience in a coaching program is well worth the cost.

I guarantee that my program is excellent value for the amount of personalized attention you get and the improvements you’ll make in your speech.

As one of my valued clients says, “It’s not a payment, it’s an investment in my future”.

Contact me above and I’ll send you a detailed description of my current coaching program including schedule and fees.

7. I’m still not sure if accent reduction coaching is right for me….

If you have questions or concerns, send me an email message at [email protected] I’ll promptly answer any questions you have about my coaching program or about your accent.

Be sure to check to  out my Confident Voice blog to learn excellent, proven accent reduction techniques.

Contact me if you are ready to take your communication skills to the next level.

Susan Ryan, Accent Reduction Coach at ConfidentVoice