My name is Susan Ryan. I started ConfidentVoice in 2007 in order to help international professionals speak American English with clarity and confidence.

In my accent reduction coaching program I work with engineers, scientists, IT professionals, accountants, doctors, sales people, founders and managers who want to speak clear, fluent and engaging American English.

Here are some recent comments from some of my clients:

☆ You are very dedicated and responsive to my needs. I really appreciate that.Today’s lesson on intonation was very important for me. I’m very satisfied with the program. PW, Atlanta, Georgia ☆

☆ We had a 45 minute conference call and for the first time, no one asked me to repeat myself. D. A, Los Angeles, California☆

☆ Hi Susan, I just had a great phone meeting with a support person and I loved every minute of our conversation. It was a complex scenario to explain and he understood me very well without me repeating it. And I was pausing after each important word. Ahhha…. The joy of good communication. B.A. San Jose, California ☆

☆ I am getting more and more confidence using certain words and hardly hearing people say “what, can you please repeat?”. Thank you for the coaching and making it happen. S.R. Boise, Idaho ☆

☆ Hi Susan, Thank you sooo much for the outstanding lesson today and for the session and the recordings. Your specific feedback is all very helpful. I sound much friendlier than I did before. D. G. Bethesda, Maryland ☆

☆ Thank you Susan. This course has been a great help. I wish I would have found you six years ago. C.W. Atlanta, Georgia ☆

☆ I was listening to our session recording today and now I perfectly understand why people can’t understand me… recording the classes, gives me  incentive me to study and improve. I remember the rules that you taught me. I lengthen my vowels and speak with a better pace. A.M. Palm Beach, Florida ☆

☆ I can’t believe I was saying so many things the wrong way. Now I know the rules and I try to apply them. S.P. Milwaukee, Wisconsin ☆

☆ Sessions with you are really helping me to see the areas where improvements are needed. The recorded sessions are very helpful in understanding my gaps on American English pronunciation. The way you spell the words for me helps me to see how they are pronounced. S.S. Houston, Texas ☆

☆ I’m very happy with my progress in this course! A.S., Sao Paulo, Brazil ☆

☆ I love your feedback! This is so helpful and I’m sure that I can make progress. I’m very excited to have our next lesson! M. C. Paris, France ☆

☆ Using the advice you gave me this week I felt more comfortable talking and less exhausted during conversations. By slowing down and consciously stressing some words, I found the people are unbelievably more responsive and willing to understand. P.P. Fairfax, Virginia ☆

☆ Thanks a lot for such a nice mp3 recording, you did an excellent job.
It was nice and slow and great emphasis on the stress words. You are incredible, I really admire you dedication and effort. MK, Boston, Massachusetts ☆

My credentials include a B.A. in World History from the University of Minnesota, a teaching degree in English as a Second Language from San Francisco State University, and a Master’s degree in Adult English as a Second Language from Hamline University.  You can read more about my professional experience here.

I’ve earned my International Toastmasters CL and ACB awards. You may have seen the article describing some of my accent reduction techniques in the February 2011 Toastmaster magazine.

To learn more techniques for speaking with a clear American accent, I invite you to visit my very popular ConfidentVoice blog.

Or visit my ConfidentVoice Facebook page to read up to the minute news on American communication.