Without a doubt, the most effective way for you to reduce your accent and speak American English in a manner that is professional, confident and engaging, is to work with an accent reduction coach.

That’s because accent coaching is focused, personal and customized.

When you work with a coach, you learn the techniques that you need in order to communicate more clearly in American English. We work on the words and phrases that you say everyday.  We work on your professional vocabulary and delivery style.

Accent reduction coaching is very convenient. You meet with me via Skype video or GoToMeeting. We meet at times that fit into your busy schedule. There’s no need to take precious time to drive to your lessons.

Below are some unsolicited comments from some of my past and current accent reduction coaching clients:

Thank you, Susan! I owe much to your coaching! Today’s presentations went well. My boss actually came up to me to mention that I sound different and she likes my intonation. I was like wow! she noticed! I have another day of presentation tomorrow but i am more assured now. JP, IT & Accounting Professional (Mandarin speaker)

You’ve opened up a  whole new world for me!, TS, Hospitality Industry (Russian speaker)

You really did a good job in creating my course for IT professionals. The audio files and the handout manual combination comes pretty handy.  I am already seeing a lot of improvement the way I talk and the way others listen to me. AK, Business Owner (Hindi speaker)

I wish I would have found you 5 years ago. I was taking ESL classes and that was not what I needed. CW, IT Consultant (Mandarin speaker)

This week my boss noticed the change in my accent. She said I was easier to understand. I’m slowing down like I learned in our sessions.MR, Software Trainer (Spanish speaker)

I’m really seeing my progress. I definitely want to take more training with you. ALS, Accounting & IT Professional (Brazilian Portuguese speaker)

Your listening and dedication is really commendable. You really spend a lot of time and energy with each person. DK, Academic (Hindi speaker)

I can’t believe that I was saying so many of my professional vocabulary words wrong for so many years. Now I know how to change them. PJ, IT Consultant (Tamil speaker)

I used to hate listening to my voice. This week recorded my voice and listened. I really like the way that I sound now. ML, Scientist (Spanish speaker)

Good news is that I’ve been working with Natives who had no previous interaction with non-native speakers.They did not have any difficulty to understand my speech.My speech gradually has improved over the course of last two months. YK, Medical Researcher (Japanese speaker)

As you can see from the comments above, working with an accent reduction coach will teach you to identify and change the pronunciation problems that prevent native English speakers from understanding you.

When you sign up for coaching, I will teach you the sounds and patterns of spoken American  English that YOU need to know in order to communicate more clearly.

You will  learn to speak English in a way that allows American listeners to understand you more easily!

Here are two more recent comments from my clients:

You’ve helped me unlock the code for speaking American English. Now when I don’t know how to pronounce a word I tried to locate the stressed vowel sound. Using that strategy, I can usually figure out how to say the word. KJ. CTO, (Hindi Speaker)

I feel much more confident at work after our sessions. I speak more clearly and with more feeling. I connect with people better. PS, SAP Team Leader, (Telegu Speaker)

Accent reduction coaching is customized to meet your specific needs. I listen to YOU and give you immediate feedback on YOUR pronunciation problems. This does not happen when you take an accent reduction class. (I know this because I used to teach pronunciation and accent reduction classes.)

Improving the way you speak American English is an investment in your future. Accent reduction coaching is absolutely the best option for international professionals who are serious about improving the way they communicate.

Here’s one  more comment from a client:

just finished listening to the recording. I feel amazed by things you have taught me and the changes in my voice every time I hear the recording so thank you very much again for your teaching. I will continue practicing on my own. This was totally worth the investment. WP, Sales & Marketing (Chinese speaker)

Follow this link to see my current accent reduction coaching costs. My programs are very reasonable given the amount of personal attention you receive.

If you aren’t ready to sign up for personal coaching today, you can start to prepare yourself. Here are two actions you can take right now.

1. Visit my American English Pronunciation Blog. I update my blog with valuable information about the American accent several times every week.

2. Contact me at [email protected] to receive a PDF report on the American accent for your specific language group (tell me your native language in your message).

Finally, do you know the most frequent comment that I get from my clients?

“I wish I would’ve started improving my accent sooner.”

Don’t hesitate to contact me with questions! I’m friendly, knowledgeable and will never push you to purchase my services.

Susan Ryan