Traditional accent reduction courses and books cover all the concepts that you see in the mind map below.

This is a LOT of material… and it takes significant time and effort to master all the features of spoken North American English.

Click on the image to see all these features. WOW!

Accent Reduction Concepts

It can take years to learn and apply all these concepts.

That’s why at ConfidentVoice I customize your course. With your input, I teach you to say the words and phrases that you use in your workplace. This allows you to communicate more clearly right away.

This involves applying the most important concepts such as stressed and reduced vowels, sentence stress, intonation and voicing to the words and phrases that you use in your workplace.

Yes, this takes more time on my part…but the results are worth it!

Clients who stay in the course longer (or those with light accents) learn other strategies including linking, contractions and advanced intonation techniques.

I help you distill traditional accent learning into a program that is focused and relevant for YOU!

I know that other programs guarantee that you’ll improve 50% in their programs. Keep in mind, this 50% improvement is based on the reading of a paragraph, not on the transfer of your skills into everyday life.

If you work with me, I guarantee that you’ll be able to say the words and phrases you use everyday more clearly and confidently. I guarantee that you’ll learn to speak American English in a way that is pleasing and engaging to the American listener.

You can contact me for a complementary consultation. Find out more about how I will teach you to speak American English in a way that enhances your personal communication style.