I customize your course materials to match your specific needs and goals. We use YOUR daily vocabulary as much as possible.

I have specialized, highly relevant content for
・ IT professionals
・ Data scientists
・ Cyber-security experts
・ Sales & marketing professionals
・ Project management professionals
・ Finance professionals and physicians
・ English teachers
・ Toastmasters
・ Founders and entrepreneurs

Depending on your needs and preferences I’ll also provide you with PDF audio & video lessons on:

1. The 15 American English vowel sounds
2. The 24 American English consonant sounds
3. Syllable stress in American English (Master list)
4. Intonation patterns in American English
5. Linking and blending in American English
6. Speaking with contractions
7. Small talk dialogs
8. Idiom dialogs
9. Video case studies of non native speakers
10. Ted Talk Lessons