Online accent reduction coaching is private, convenient and cost effective. All coaching sessions are conducted via Skype video, making them focused, personal and confidential.

In each session you’ll learn specific techniques for reducing your accent and speaking more clearly. Here are the components of the course:

  • Live 60 minute accent reduction coaching sessions over Skype video
  • Specific objectives describing the American English sounds and patterns that you need to learn in order to speak clearly
  • Course materials highly customized for your area of expertise
  • Audio and video practice lessons that address the sounds and patterns you need to correct
  • Session recordings
  • Pre & post assessments

Accent coaching is effective because each session is customized to incorporate the language that you use on a daily basis. You are strongly encouraged to ask questions and describe the problem words and situations that you encounter in your job or area of study.

Maybe you have a sales script or pitch that you want to refine and practice before using it with customers. Or perhaps you have a presentation that you need to deliver to American English colleagues.

During our sessions we’ll work on your words and your phrases. This will enable you to make noticeable progress right away.

Here are some recent comments from some of my clients:

“I love your feedback! This is so helpful and I’m sure that I can make progress. I’m very excited to have our next lesson!”

” You’ve helped me unlock the code for speaking American English. Now when I don’t know how to pronounce a word I tried to locate the stressed vowel sound. Using that strategy, I can usually figure out how to say the word.”

“My boss said that I’m easier to understand.”

“Ah, the joy of good communication.”

” The conference call lasted  for 45 minutes and no one asked me to repeat myself”.

The most frequent comment that I get from my clients is this:

“I wish I would’ve started improving my accent sooner”.

If you’re a motivated professional who is ready to improve your American English communication, build better relationships and move up in your career, I encourage you make this investment in yourself.

When you choose me as your accent reduction coach, you’ll find that I’m patient, experienced, and strongly committed to your success. I’m made it my mission to help international professions achieve their communication goals!