Accent Reduction Coaching Includes

First we meet on Skype for a “meet & greet” session. During this complementary session you can ask me questions, and I can hear you speak.

After that I’ll use your LinkedIn profile or CV to create a customized Assessment for you.

The results of your Assessment (and your input) will determine your objectives and session content.

Accent reduction coaching sessions are conducted one-on-one via Skype video.

Each session lasts for one hour.

During each session you learn & practice specific tips and techniques that will enable you communicate clearly and fluently in American English.

After the session is over you receive:

✔ Our session recording
✔ Four homework assignments
✔ Detailed Feedback on two homework assignments

Our agenda for each session is posted 24 hours before we meet. That way you can be ready to go….there’s no time wasted looking for materials during our time together.

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Accent Assessment & Course Objectives

I use your LinkedIn profile or CV to create a customized Assessment for you. I do NOT use a generic assessment tool.

The results of your Assessment (and your input) will determine your course goals and objectives.

The objectives we focus on will enable you to make noticeable progress to the way you speak.

We’ll work on the vowel sounds, consonant sounds, syllable stress patterns and intonation patterns that we will make your speech sound clear and confident.

Choosing and focusing the right objectives will enable you to speak clearly as soon as possible.

We’ll work together to keep you focused and motivated as you practice and improve the way you speak.

We’ll evaluate your progress during each session. We’ll modify our objectives as needed.

You’ll take a final assessment at the end of your course.

Then I’ll complete your course summary and recommendations for next steps.

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Course Materials

I customize your course materials to match your specific needs and goals. We use YOUR daily vocabulary as much as possible.

I have specialized, highly relevant content for
・ IT professionals
・ Data scientists
・ Cyber-security experts
・ Sales & marketing professionals
・ Project management professionals
・ Finance professionals and physicians
・ English teachers
・ Toastmasters
・ Founders and entrepreneurs

Depending on your needs and preferences I’ll also provide you with PDF audio & video lessons on:

1. The 15 American English vowel sounds
2. The 24 American English consonant sounds
3. Syllable stress in American English (Master list)
4. Intonation patterns in American English
5. Linking and blending in American English
6. Speaking with contractions
7. Small talk dialogs
8. Idiom dialogs
9. Video case studies of non native speakers
10. Ted Talk Lessons

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My Teaching Methods

In my coaching program we focus on mastering the words, phrases and sentences that you use every day in your field of expertise.

The Confident Voice Model

You learn to pronounce YOUR terminology using the correct syllable stress patterns,vowel sounds, consonant sounds and intonation.

I also work with you on making “small talk” so that you can easily engage with your North American colleagues during breaks, lunches and dinners.

While other programs “guarantee” that you’ll improve 50% on a generic paragraph...I guarantee that if you do the work, and make contributions, you’ll master the words and phrases that you use daily in your area of expertise.

I do not give you a “generic” program. That’s because I take you and your communication goals seriously.

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Session Audio

After each coaching session I’ll post our session audio file in Dropbox. ♬

Listening to our session recordings is an excellent way for you to review, practice and listen to your progress.

You are encouraged to replay your session audio files throughout the week so that you can review and practice what you learned.

You can play these on your SmartPhone using Dropbox.

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Assignments & Feedback

After each Skype session, you’ll receive a recording of the session to replay and practice.

You’ll also have four homework assignments to complete.

You’re required to record and submit two of these homework assignments to me for detailed feedback before we meet again.

Clients who submit their assignments get more personal feedback and make progress more quickly than those who don’t.

Accent improvement includes focused listening to your own speech.

Once you learn the key features of American spoken English you must record and listen to your voice. You will begin to hear your pronunciation in a brand new way and this will help you understand why Americans don’t always understand you.

My Email and Skype chat are open for your questions every day of the week.

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About Us

Learn American Accent Online is a program of ConfidentVoice. We use the most effective accent reduction techniques to help international professionals speak American English with clarity and confidence.

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My wish to speak English without accent always pushed me to find a good teacher with capacity, compassion and reliability. Susan Ryan has not only capacity, experience but also passion in teaching. In a very short time I learned how to reduce my accent. I learned  so many things that I'd never known before.  Her methods of teaching were highly professional.
May, Washington, D.C.
I’ve done some schwa sound exercises and it was very productive: I’m getting more familiar with this sound. It was such a surprise for me to learn that even in simple phrases like “what are you doing” the schwa sound is used. I’ve never noticed it before and I start paying attention now. That’s really interesting!
Maria, Virginia
I am more confident conversing with American speakers. I highly recommend other International Teachers to enroll. Excellent teacher and program!
Jesusan, Maryland